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“And The Lord said to him in a vision” Acts 9:10

I used to scoff at the idea that Christians have visions from The Lord today; I was raised in churches that taught that such things ended when the Holy Scriptures were completed.

Thus, when someone said that they had had a vision from God, I’d politely listen and shake my head in the affirmative, but think to myself, yeah, sure. I’d reaffirm that opinion based on the erroneous belief that since I had never had a vision, it couldn’t possibly be true!

Oh how naïve I was!

In a sermon on March 11, Joseph talked about visions in the context of the above verse; he basically defined a vision to be something you see in your mind’s eye but the person having it is awake. I now would agree with that.

Why’s that you ask? My opinion changed on the entire subject during a prayer meeting in April of 2007; I belonged to another church then.

I remember that particular night for two reasons; I was the only male to show up, and the rest of the group were women! I also had a vision from God that night.

One of the women was asking The Lord to bless our nation and to keep us on a Godly path, and all of a sudden, as she prayed, I saw a picture of the United States and it had a large brass ring in it and the Lord was dragging our nation downward. Then I heard the voice of God say, “It’s too late; my judgment has begun.”

I was startled to say the least.

When we were all done praying, I shared with the group what I had seen and heard, and emphasized that instead of asking for blessings, we now needed to pray for The Lord to forgive us, have mercy, and bring us to repentance.

That was five years ago and I have prayed that plea now nearly every day since then, some times more than once a day.

Of course, like any human, I had my doubts about the whole thing; after all, visions are a very subjective affair. But what gives me confidence in that it truly was from God, is the fact that the USA has indeed been on a downward spiral since then.

I’m also reminded that in my studies of the end days, the USA is not mentioned anywhere in the events to transpire; we must be taken out of the way. Because of those thoughts, I no longer doubt what happened to me.

Then I August of 2009, I had my second vision; the circumstances were similar; this time I was sitting on my back porch and doing my devotions and praying. I was interceding for the nation and asking for The Lord’s mercy; my head was bowed and my eyes were closed.

All of a sudden in my mind’s eye, I saw a brilliant flash in the sky to the northwest of Silver City. Nothing else happened and this time God never spoke a word.

I was both startled and puzzled; what did this mean? Since then, I have analyzed this vision over and over and have come to the conclusion that I had seen a nuclear explosion. But where? It appeared to be far away.

I always intended to get out a map and see what I could find, but I never seem to get around to it; that is, until last fall of 2011. I laid out a map of the western United States and drew an azimuth line from Silver northwest; it exactly bisected Salt Lake City, some 750 miles away.

And that is where this all lies today. Until now, I have only shared my visions with a very few people, all Christians. Now you all know them too.

In the book of Joel, there is this famous prediction; “It will come about that after this that I will pour out my Spirit on all of mankind; and your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on the male and female servants I will pour out my Spirit in those days.”

Now, I’m no young man, but I do fit in the category of “all mankind” and “on male servants”. Those terms are inclusive of a lot of folks, not just me.

And so, my challenge to you is a little different this time around; pray that God will have mercy on the USA and the Body of Christ; Pray that He will yet relent and bring us to repentance as He did when the prophet Amos interceded for ancient Israel. And begin to pray it every day. There is still hope.

April 2012 Testimony
For Calvary Chapel
by Larry Lightner

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