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From the Mountain Top to The Valley

Last month I gave you my testimony of how The Lord was giving me a fine, long period of blessings and answered prayers; two weeks later the bottom fell out of the bucket.

It all began on a Friday; I was out hunting and after eating lunch, I noticed that I was beginning to feel rather strange and nauseous, with a certain queasiness in my stomach.

Soon, I couldn’t wait to get on home, as the measure of my health was rapidly going south! By evening the queasiness had turned into gut-wrenching pain that put me in a fetal position!

That, my friends, was the beginning of a 12 day ordeal as I endured one of the worst bouts of diverticulitis in many a year.

That same eventful Friday brought a phone call from my son, who informed us that he and his kids would not be joining us for the celebration of Jesus’ birth; he was too overloaded from work because of a recent promotion; we would be all alone for the first time in 37 years, because our daughter was still overseas in Bahrain.

He also dropped another bomb on us, even worse than the first, but it is of a personal nature and not to be shared.

Could things get much worse? yeah, they can!

On the following Monday, I trotted off to work in spite of my gut aching like I was about to have a baby! My boss, who happens to be a very good friend and brother-in-Christ, regretfully told me that he had to lay me off since his business was basically dead in the water and had been that way for several months.

And here was Christmas coming in just two weeks. Sigh. Can it still get much worse? Yeah, it can!

Now, mind you, a week has yet to fully pass, and now it is Thursday evening and Jeri and I have just finished putting the groceries away and eaten, when she says that she thinks she is getting queasy!

The next thing we know, and she has both the diarrhea and vomiting. Fifteen minutes later, she was asking what day it was and why had she gone shopping; it went downhill from there rapidly.

She refused to go to the hospital, even though her memory was completely gone for the last five hours; the next morning she was till just as bad, so I insisted that we at least go to Urgent Care, since my mind was screaming “STROKE”!!!!!!!

Four hours later and after 3 hours of testing, we got our first good news; she had a stomach virus and nothing worse. Phew! Thank You Jesus!

This “tiny” virus kept her down for five days through Christmas itself, and it took a dozen before she recovered completely. So much for the holidays; it seems The Lord knew what He was doing in keeping Joey and the kids away. She did permanently lose about 16 hours of a day from it all.

Since that day, I have had my own bouts with another stomach flu that wiped out celebrating the New Year and it is still lingering into the third day of January, and so I sit in the bottom of the valley once more.

I knew it would come, I just didn’t expect it this soon or hard.

But the Good Book has two admonitions for me; IN all things give thanks (I Thessalonians 5:18) and FOR all things give thanks (Ephesians 5:20).

And so, I must obey the Word. Do I much like it? No!! But I do it because that is Christ’s will for me.

Let me say though, that I give thanks through all of this, because it is these bad times that show me how good the mountaintops are; I need the comparison so that I don’t take the good times for granted.

I’m in the valley, but wait, is that a mountain I see in the distance?

My challenge is this; keep your eyes focused on Jesus and He promises that he will not fail you and “He will never leave you nor forsake you”. Happy New year!

My Testimony
Larry Lightner
For: Calvary Chapel Silver City
January 2013

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