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Living in Reality

We live in a day and age where what men’s opinions are concerning religious matters are what becomes truth for that individual or groupĀ for example, if I think it’s ok with God that I rape, steal, plummage, murder, personally I may believe that’s ok, or even mandated by God. But now the question is this: is that really true? Or is that a truth I am making up?

If you have no absolute standard, then the answer is “yes, anything goes,” because if it’s all relative, then truth is up to the individual. But that’s really not living in reality, because in reality, if my personal belief–my personal truth–doesn’t line up with, or coincide with, God’s revealed truth in the Bible, then I’m really not living the Truth. I’m self-deceived and living a lie. What matters is not my opinion, but what does God say truth is?

That’s living in reality.

–Pastor Joseph

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  • thank you pastor very wise, when it comes down to it all that matters in life is what God says the God of the bible not the god in our head that we made up before we knew the one true God!

    Lynette Holguin
    September 26, 2014 at 1:18 pm

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